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Terms & Conditions
1. Nature, contents, conditions value of the consignments booked are unknown to the Deepak Transexprress (hereinafter called the company) the company carries the goods in as it condition packed by consignor and entirely at the owner’s risk.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to pilferage, theft, weather conditions, strikes, riots, disturbances, fire, explosions, acts of god, unexpected and unavoidable emergencies & any kind of accident whatsoever and due to the circumstances beyond control.

3. The consigner/consignee shall be responsible for any delay , detention, loss or forfeiture of goods by governments authorizes :-
I) If he makes a wrong declaration about the contents or
II) If transport of such goods by road is prohibited or such goods are not accompanied by invoice, permits or other proper documents and are detained by any statutory authorizes. Expenses incurred if any, by the company in this connection shall be borne by the consigner/consignee only.

4. The consignor will have to deal directly with Octroi, Customs and any other statutory authorities for wrong declaration etc at the destination of the goods.

5. Fresh fruits, furniture, crockery, glassware and other such delicate goods are booked at the absolute risk of the consignor and the company shall not be responsible for any perish/damage etc.

6. The company shall have the rights to dispose of the perishable articles lying undelivered after 48 hours of arrival without any notice and other goods after 30 days of arrival after due notice in writing to the consignor & consignee and the consignee shall be entitled to the proceeds less freight, storage and other charges.

7. The goods will be delivered at the destination at the company’s godown only unless stated otherwise and stated in writing on the G.C. Note itself against Payment of all charges. The consignee shall arrange to take the delivery of the consignment from the company’s godown.

8. If the consignments is booked on Door Delivery basic the company will attempt only once to deliver the goods at the Door. If the party fails to accept the goods when company approaches for delivery at their door or in case of door lock the goods will be kept at its Delivery office and if the consignee wants the goods to be door delivered, additional door delivered charges and storage as application has to be paid by the consignee.

9. The Delivery of the Goods must be taken by the consignee within seven days of its arrival at the destination failing which a godown charge for storage will be charged and such storage will be at the owner’s risk. The consignee shall ascertain the date and time of the arrival at the destination and arrange to take delivery.

10. The company shall not be liable for alleged wrong delivery of the goods, once the goods are delivered against the relative Way Bill to a person supposed to be entitled or authorized to take delivery thereof.

11. When a Bank agrees to accept this Lorry Receipts as a document of title to the goods hereby carried and has become entrusted as a pledge or endorsement of the Lorry Receipt whether before or after the entrustment of the goods to the company for carriage, the company hereby agrees in consideration of the same to hold themselves liable and shall be deemed to hold themselves liable at all material times directly to the Bank concerned as if the bank were the party to the contract herein contained, with the right of recourse against the company to the extent of the Banks interest in the security such as insurance in terms of the provisions of the carrier Act, 1865 against any or all risk of physical and or damaged under any circumstances whatsoever and to indemnify or Pay to the bank to the extent of the loss sustained without reference to the consignee or the owner on contract between them. The bank shall have the right to recover a claim directly from the company.

12. The company shall have the right to entrust the goods to any goods to any other lorry or service for transport. In the event of the goods being so entrusted by the company to another carrier to other carrier shall as between the consignor the consignee bank and the company be deemed to be the company’s agent so that the company shall not withstanding the delivery of the goods to the other carrier, continue to be responsible for the safety of the goods and for their due delivery for the destination.

13. The company has right to reweigh, remeasure, reclassify and recalculate the freight and other charges at the place of destination in the presence of the holder of the receipts or his duly authorized agent and collect the same from the Consignee before delivery. 14. No complaints , claims or enquires of any kind will be entertained relating to any kind will be entertained relating to any consignment after Thirty days from the date of Delivery and Ninty days from the date of booking.

15. The courts in Mumbai City alone shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all claims and matters arising out of the transaction.

16. Any notices related to this waybill from Sales Tax authorities / Statutory authorities should be cleared by the consigner/consignee only.

17. The consignments of Explosives, Crackers, Gas cylinders (filled or empty), Acids, liquid contents, chemicals in all forms – Liquid or powder, and contraband articles etc, are not booked.

18. If the Delivery is not taken within prescribed period, the consignment will be treated as Unclaimed and will be sent to Un claimed Property Section at Purna, Mumbai (Maharashtra) for further disposal.

19. Nature, contents, condition and value of the consignments as declared by the Consignor to the company are specified in this consignment note. The Company carries the goods as packed at Carrier’s Risk at an additional freight on value declared by the Consignor having been charged and paid.

20. Freight rate stated by booking station will be deemed to be approved by the sender, such rate is not subject to reconsideration at the destination NO REFUNDS.

21. The consignments booked in favor of the Consignee’s Name will be delivered on the basic of the driver’s copy of the G.C. Note WITHOUT INSISTING FOR THE CONSIGNEER’S COPY OF THE G.G. Note.

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